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Why Online Tutoring?

Why Online Tutoring?

 You may wonder why Global Gurus is an exclusively online tutoring service. Although many parents are quite familiar with the in-person tutoring process, online tutoring is a more recent phenomenon. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s an unproven or inferior learning environment. On the contrary, data from one online tutoring provider reveals that 90% of their students reported increased grades and levels of confidence because of online tutoring.[1]

Moreover, online tutoring makes sense for a generation of learners who are highly tech-savvy. According to , surveys of modern-day, tech-gripped students reveal that these students actually prefer online tutoring over face-to-face tutoring.[2]

In addition to being an effective academic solution for your child, online tutoring can also be beneficial for your family’s needs and lifestyle. Perhaps you can relate to how many parents of elementary and high school student feel: in-person tutoring can be inconvenient, expensive, and deficient in quality choice, particularly when stacked against the broader selection of tutors available online.[3]

While the data provide some notable reasons why online tutoring can be a smart choice for your child, at Global Gurus we believe that one of the most compelling reasons is the edge your child can gain by working with one of our world-class tutors. We specially select our tutors from top universities, and all of our tutors are either recent graduates or current students at these prestigious institutions—providing an intimate connection between your child and the world’s finest universities. While it’s not always possible to have a current Harvard student close enough to tutor your child in-person, your child can connect online with an outstanding Ivy-League tutor through Global Gurus.

At Global Gurus, we are always happy to discuss your child’s tutoring needs and answer any questions that you might have about the tutoring process, including the online format that we utilize. We aspire to make your Global Gurus experience a major highlight of your student’s academic journey.

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