Social Mission

The best way for a student to show their knowledge is to teach someone else.

As a parent, you deeply care about your student becoming a well-rounded individual. You want them to excel academically while also becoming compassionate human beings who make an impact in the world. Global Gurus wants the same thing for your child, and part of our mission is to partner with underserved schools in order to give our students an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of needy students. After mastering certain academic topics or concepts, Global Gurus students will have an opportunity to meaningfully apply their knowledge as they teach disadvantaged students. This not only gives our students an opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned, but also to develop a global awareness and social ethos that they will carry into their future.

Today, top-tier universities are asking for more than good grades and test scores from prospective students. For example, some of the questions Harvard is asking in evaluating its applicants:

  • “Do you care deeply about anything—intellectual? Extracurricular? Personal?”
  • “What sort of human being are you now? What sort of human being will you be in the future?”
  • “How open are you to new ideas and people?”

As part of their Global Gurus experience, we want to help students answer these questions with compelling, real-life examples of service in the global community.