Pedagogical Model & Programs

Explore our Unique Three-Phase Approach

Global Gurus utilizes a three-phase, time-tested approach to help your child reach academic success. Click on the infographic below to learn more about our pedagogical model:



Our tutoring process is intended to prepare your student to succeed as a high-achieving student in the 21st century. It is a well-rounded model that focuses on academic mastery, critical thinking, and social mission. If you are looking to position your child for long-term academic success, we can help equip your student with the essential skills they’ll need for the future. Schools such as the University of Cambridge are looking for evidence that students have the ability to think independently and critically, are willing to argue logically while remaining open-minded to new ideas, and possess self-discipline and motivation. Let us help cultivate these valuable traits in your child and prepare them for success in the future. Choose from one of our tutoring packages below to get your child started on the road to academic success.

12-Week Aptitude and Aspirations Tutoring

This tutoring package will help students define their areas of interest and future potential so they can focus on their strengths during their secondary school years. Students will holistically evaluate their interests and talents and develop an action plan that will help them prepare for their university years and career while still in high school. Their tutor will also work with them on essential soft skills that will help them be more disciplined and focused students and better global citizens This tutoring package is ideally suited for Standard 8-10 students who desire to get an early start on their preparation for admissions to a competitive university.

12-Week Post-Graduate Admissions and Academic Culture Tutoring

This tutoring package will enable current bachelor’s students or recent graduates to prepare for post-graduate studies in the U.S. Students will have an opportunity to be matched with a graduate student in their target discipline and prepare their application to a competitive U.S. university. Topics such as the research proposal, admissions essays, application process, academic culture, essential soft skills, and mental and emotional preparation for studying in a rigorous U.S. university will be covered.

12-Week Undergraduate Admissions and Academic Culture Tutoring

This tutoring package is targeted toward current upper-secondary school or recent high school graduates who are preparing to apply to a competitive U.S. university. Students will be tutored by a student from a top U.S. university who has already been through the rigorous admissions process and can walk with students as they prepare their own admissions application. This tutoring package will also focus strongly on preparing students to engage with a new academic culture through training in areas that are critical in U.S. academic culture, such as critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. Successful completion of the package will result in a Certificate of Completion from Global Gurus and a personal letter of reference from the student’s tutor if the student excels in completing the tutoring package.

Duration: 12 weeks for the starter package of 12 sessions; 24 weeks for the advanced package of 24 sessions
Cost: Tutorial package of 12 ($599)one-hour sessions with an Ivy-League tutor Inc. (Ohio, USA) is a payment facilitator for goods and services provided by Global Gurus.

Tutorial package of 24 ($999) one-hour sessions with an Ivy-League tutor Inc. (Ohio, USA) is a payment facilitator for goods and services provided by Global Gurus.

Outcome: Upon successful completion of 12 works of literature, students will receive a Classic Literature Certificate from Global Gurus. This certificate will become part of the student’s academic portfolio with Global Gurus and qualify them to tutor other students in basic literary analysis. By becoming qualified to tutor other students, your child will receive the opportunity to participate in extracurricular service activities that they can include on their resume and university applications.